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Monday, April 7, 2014

Pushing Back at the Bullies

I recently blogged about Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, who was forced to resign his position after only ten days on the job, (Gay Rights Bullies, 4/5/2014) I didn't  get a ton of comments, but the one I received was illuminating. Eich had donated $1000 to support California's Proposition 8, and bill that opposed same-sex marriage. The left called for his resignation and a web-based dating service, OKCupid refused to allow Firefo, the Mozilla browser they own, to be used on their site.

Now I admit that the left has a silver tongue (albeit forked) when it comes to framing an issue the way they see fit. They call those who support the bill "anti-gay rights," as opposed to "anti same-sex marriage," and refuse to see this as a moral issue for some and a religious issue as well. Of course, these are the same left wing bullies who are adamant about removing all religious symbols from public display, and I suspect that it's just going to be a matter of time when that will include crosses on church steeples, and the Star of David on synagogues. I don't believe it's going to adversely effect the Muslim community--I bet they'll be able to continue having their crescent moon religious symbol above their mosques along with hijabs and the like. Interestingly, Islamists coined the PC word "Islamophobic" in the same manner the left coins their terms, and both Islamists and the left like to throw around the term "racist" when Islam has nothing to do with race, and the GOP had nothing to do with the KKK.

But I digress.

The person who commented on my post asked why did I believe that un-installing a web browser equated to bullying. He seems to have intentionally missed the point. It has nothing to do with un-installing a browser--that would make the argument weak--it has to do with intimidating people to the point where they resign from their job. That's what they did to Eich.

On one hand, when you disagree with the policies or even the political views of a corporation or smaller company, you have every right to boycott them. Nobody should be able to bully you into using their services or products. There should not be any retribution.

On the other hand, if you agree with a policy or political view, you have every right to support it without having to fear retribution. The left, however, doesn't see it that way. Their attitude is, "It's my way or the highway," and if you don't fall in line, you're sunk.
Yeah, Islam, get over it

The fact is, even if you do fall in line, the fight never seems to end. The left really doesn't care as much as it pretends to about gay rights (except for those that are gay leftists) or even about racism. If they did, they wouldn't give a "free pass" to people on the left who make racist comments, or homophobic statements. Joe Biden would have been figuratively crucified for having made that slur about Indians with their accents, working in fast-food places. Or LBJ's comment about getting "the niggers to vote Democratic for the next 200 years." (This is paraphrased but quite similar to the actual words.) They don't really care for blacks and other people of color because their programs have held them back since the Civil War.

But the left has a silver tongue. They use terms like "anti-gay rights," (for same-sex marriage)  or "obligation," (for taxes), and even say that they have "freedom from religion," (there's even an active, vigorously litigating organization by that title) when, in fact, the Constitution speaks about "Freedom of Religion." 

It's time for conservatives to be vigorously active in how we respond to liberals. We actually have a lot more clout than you may believe. If you agree, then do something about it.

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