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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Politically Correct Suicide

The Detroit police are trying to figure out if the attack on a white motorist by a mob of black men qualifies as a hate crime. The man, 54 year old Steve Utash, accidentally ran down a black youth and went to render aid when he was brutally beaten by the mob, his paycheck stolen, and he was left in critical condition. He is currently in a medically induced coma.

I believe all crimes where a person is beaten for no other reason than a way for a mob to pass the time and maybe steal something, is a hate crime. If it isn't a hate crime, what is it? A sort of I'm angry crime? A love gone wrong crime? Perhaps we need to consider what is politically correct in this case.

So far, 4 scumbags have been arrested and police expect more arrests. City officials have criticized the beating (I guess they saw something wrong with it too) and have called for witnesses to come forward. The word "race" has not been mentioned, nor has anyone in the black mob that attacked the white man been called a racist.

The very Right far left Reverend Al Sharptongue has yet to comment, but my guess is he'll have little to say and certainly not blame it on the mob because of their melanin levels. Jessie Jackson will likewise do the same.

In another incident, a Jesuit priest in Syria was dragged out of his church and shot twice in the head. He died immediately. The gunman was a Syrian rebel.
Father Van Der Lugt

The priest, Fr. Francis Van Der Lugt was 75 and was originally from the Netherlands. He served the Syrian Christian population for about 50 years. Where other Christians were being killed or threatened, Fr. Van Der Lugt stood his ground. 

An antigovernment activist, Mahmoud Taha told the New York Times "The death of the priest is a scandal for the rebels. They no longer accept anyone but those who are like them." He may have been referring to Muslims being different from Christians, but mum's the word.

State Department spokesrobot, Jen Psaki, spoke on behalf of the country and said the US was "saddened by the news" of the priest's killing. She bravely added, "We condemn this violent attack and all attacks against innocent civilians and minority communities."

No mention of the word "jihadist" was made, nor was a word mentioned about the religion of peace. But so long as we verbally condemn brutal killings like this one, we are going to upset a lot of jihadists and make them feel guilty. In fact, they may never do something this untoward again. Shame on them. Shame.

It's a good thing Psaki didn't yell: "Islamophilia! This killing was done by an Islamophiliac."

I believe many of us have reached a point where we've become like ostriches with our heads in the sand. Others have their head stuck elsewhere. When we come to realize that Islamists don't respect words over deeds, strength over weakness, it may be too late to stop the spread of Islam. 

Islam has become like the visitor who comes to your home and tells you what to do. He expects you to cater to him, feed him, and do his bidding. If you give him an inch, he takes a mile. If you give him a hand, he cuts off your head.

But at least in doing so, you'll be politically correct.