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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lerner, Holder, Stoning, Ayan Hirsi Ali

"Not one word or you're screwed"
Did Lois Lerner act alone in her targeting of conservative groups? Probably, but you know and I know that nothing is going to happen to her. To the left, it's a witch hunt. To Eric Holder, it's a non-issue. Heck, if he could be charged with contempt of court and get away with it, do you really think he'll go after Lerner for the same charge? When liberals call for tax cuts, perhaps.

These scandals are incestuous. The DoJ sits over the IRS, Holder over Lerner. They are all OFS people--Obama's Foot Soldiers. Lerner's latest email revelation stated that she hoped she'd be transferred to DC to be a soldier for the king.

Bob Beckel of The Five on Fox News, believes this is a non-issue. If that's so, then why isn't Lerner testifying and used the Fifth Amendment to protect her fat butt?

But enough of that. Let's move on.

In other news, Ayan Hirsi Ali had her honorary degree taken back from Brandeis Univerisity because she is outspoken, and doesn't use PC when discussing abuse of women in the Islamic world. 
Liberals: "What does a
white woman know?"

Ms. Ali grew up in a Muslim home, underwent genital mutilation as a young girl and was friends with Theo Van Gogh, a movie maker (and related to Vincent Van Gogh) who was murdered for producing a movie about Islamic abuse. If anyone knows about Islam, it's Ms. Ali. If anyone knows about suprressing fair dialogue about Islam, it's CAIR. They go after people about honorary degrees, but not those who commit honor killings. They call themselves the religion of peace, but they kill you if you disagree or say anything critical about Islam. 

And we seem to think that their reasoning for putting a death fatwa on the head of a cartoonist for depicting their pedophiliac prophet is justified, and somehow it was his fault. The West is becoming exactly what Islam wants us to become: their Dhimmies. If you don't know what that is, you need to Google it. Also, you may want to Google "The Sura of the Sword" and maybe Muhammad's take on Jews and Christians.

Maybe it's time for us to attack CAIR instead of allowing them to attack people who actually do care for women's rights, like Ayan Hirsi Ali cares. Maybe it's time to attack CAIR for pretending to be a human rights organization when it's really a Muslim machine of domination, and arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  

 Maybe it's even time to prevent outsiders from coming into our country and then complain about our legal system and demand for one that's Islamic compliant. That's a system where women have half the rights of men, non-Muslims have to pay a jizzya to Muslims, new Christian churches are outlawed, old ones cannot be repaired, and Jews can be killed at will along with some Christians. Oh, and if a woman is raped, she must produce 4 male witnesses to prove rape, and if she fails that, she is considered to be a whore and is stoned to death.

Okay, I know that's a little harsh and stoning doesn't happen in all Islamic nations . . . yet.

Zed Nill, a New York reporter, is captured by Islamist terrorists. They demand the release of three Gitmo prisoners and if the president refuses, they plan to behead him and videotape it for the Internet. But the United States doesn’t give in to terrorist’s demands and Zed has 24 hours before he is to be executed. The clock is ticking . . .