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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Armed Men Dressed as Bukrat Cops, Take Over Putinville

Fox News reported that several dozen armed men seized a police station in eastern Ukraine, (a town called Donetsk with a population of around 120,000) and hoisted the Russian flag. In Slovyansk (pronounced "Putinville") about 55 miles away, pro-Russian protesters camped out in a government building for about a week. They wore the uniform of the Berkut, the riot police squad that was disbanded in February after Russian-friendly Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia. My gut tells me they were dressed by Vladimir.

The 20 or so infiltrators, armed with automatic rifles and handguns, wore St. George ribbons, the symbol adopted by the pro-Russian, pro-Putin, pro-macho protesters, which were first associated with USSR's victory in WWII, better known as "The War to End All Wars." Fat chance.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that these "protesters" are actually stooges for Putin and that he has plans for a bigger takeover of the former satellite nations of the Soviet Union. I am going to creep out even further on this fragile limb and predict that our fearless leader, Barack Hussein Obama, will utter harsh words that Putin will hear as: "I am warning Russia that if they continue to perpetrate this illegal occupation of European sovereign nations, I will have no recourse but to warn him again and again." Or, he might say: "If Russia likes their Ukraine, they can keep their Ukraine. Period."

The regional police chief, Kostyantyn Pozhydayev, in a move to protect his beating heart, said: "In accordance with your demands, I am stepping down."

A masked guard in Slovyansk, who wore silver bullets on his belt and gave his name as Sergei, told the Associated Press that they demand a referendum to join Russia. His faithful Indian sidekick remained mute during the AP interview.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned the Ukrainian government against using force against "protesters," stating that it would derail talks on settling the crisis between the USA, EU, Russia, and Ukraine. The talks are set for next week.

Russia warned the USA about slapping more sanctions on them if the conflict escalates, saying that it would be the fault of Kiev, not them. Meanwhile, Putin was smiling in his vodka.