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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What an Orchiectomy Looks Like

It seems that men of late, have been depicted as wimps and cretins in commercial media. Why aren't we complaining? Some of these TV ads are sexist and men seem to be afraid to speak up.

AT&T has a new TV ad that shows a group of five women and one man asking an AT&T representative, a young woman, some questions related to the communication company's services related to their business needs. Each woman asks a question of the representative while the man stand mute. At the end of the commercial, the women get the answers they want to hear and act triumphant while the man, still mute, uncomfortably mimics their arm-crossing posture of triumph. 

In another commercial for Mahindra tractors, a woman picks up the man's tractor with her Mahindra, causing him to become angry and slams his hat into his lap in disgust. She smiles and we are left to feel her sense of superiority over the idiot in the inferior tractor.

Then there's that old Wisk ad where the man is working on the slanted roof of his house, the ladder falls away and he's hanging on by his fingernails. He yells to his wife to help him and she tells him she'll be right there, as soon as she finishes using the Wisk on the wash. Remember how angry it made you feel?

Of course we have the Progressive Insurance ad where the male owners of the "Other Company" look like morons when Flo gets the better of them. Their pants catch on fire in one ad, and they look impotent.

Men are depicted as idiots, or at best, ineffectual boobs, compared to their women. The only exception to this is when Nancy Pelosi speaks in public.

Now there are women who are looking to ban the word "bossy," as Cheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook is trying to do. This is to empower women who are allegedly stifled from success because of their fear of being labeled as a bossy woman. This is ridiculous. Banning a word to somehow protect strong women makes strong women weak. 

Women of today, those just starting out in the workplace, are better educated than men, and are making more money than we are. That doesn't bother me at all (I've retired from the 9 to 5 world), but I resent this silly movement that makes women sound like they've been victimized by society when the opposite is true.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Axiron, a medication for low testosterone, depict men as virile, masculine and their women begging for sex from them all of the time. But then there's the kicker: the commercial goes on to list all of the dangerous side effects associated with the treatment. In fact, a follow up ad by Fleming, Nolen and Jez, a law firm, ask that if you or your loved one was injured medically or died from testosterone, to call them and join their class action lawsuit.

Imagine, dying for being a man, simply trying to be virile.