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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Latest on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370

It has been a full week now and we still aren't certain of what happened to Malaysia Airline flight MH 370. There have been several recent pieces of information, one of which says that there were "pings" of the aircraft that suggests it was in the air about four to five hours after it went off radar detection. The theory that the jet turned west now seems corroborated but this is speculation as far as we currently know.

One piece of information that surfaced is that Interpol along with the Malaysian police, are looking into a 35 year old passenger of Uigher descent. You remember it was the Uigher Muslims that went on a killing jihad in western China and stabbed over 20 people to death. This Uigher passenger had taken flight simulation training, Interpol reports.

There will be background checks on all the passengers to help determine the possible cause of this mystery, but on March 13th, the Sydney Morning Herald reported the story about this passenger of interest.

The Uighur Muslims are from Xinjiang, a north-western Chinese province, and make up almost half the population. In 1949, they fell under Chinese control and since that time have been fighting for independence from what they call China's authoritarian government. They claim to face religious restrictions and discrimination and about 100 people were killed last year in violence between the Uighurs and Chinese security forces.

According to media sources, the man in question is not a definite suspect in the jet's disappearance, but he seems to fit at least part of the jihadist profile: flight training, Muslim, between the ages of 20 and 40, well-educated (a PhD from a British University and a lecturer in Turkey). He could almost be a Nidal Hasan clone.

He underwent the flight-simulation training in Sweden in 2006.

Now I am definitely not suggesting this man somehow took the plane down or was involved in its disappearance, but if turns out to be an act of terrorism, this is the guy they need to study.

We need to stop being afraid of proactively protecting ourselves against those who hate America and Israel; and I'm not talking about liberals--I'm talking about Islamic extremists. 

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