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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obama Talks Semi-Tough to Russia: Putin Shivers in His Jackboots

Well, this should show Putin a thing or two. President Barack Obama, has leveled sanctions against Russia in retaliation of their invasion of Crimea. Obama plans to freeze the assets of 11 Russians (which is almost twice as many people as had enrolled in Obamacare in the first 7 days), but due to professional courtesy, will not sanction Vladimir Putin himself. Sanctioning Putin might actually get him angry and Obama does not want to get the Russian Hulk angry under any conditions.

What the US might have done to make Russia think about their actions would have been to freeze all of their banking operations in the US, as John Bolton, former UN Ambassador suggested, and keep Aeroflot, the Russian airlines, from flying here.

But Putin's philosophy is to draw swords and move forward. If you hit something soft, keep going; if you hit metal, stop. So far he's still going.

Once Putin takes Crimea, he will still likely keep going--he sees the West as weak, as he did in 2008 when George W. Bush tried to get Europe to the table to allow Soviet Georgia into NATO. Europe was scared of Putin and thus refused, and the Russian leader sees the same trait in Obama.

But never fear: Vice President Joe Biden has gone to Warsaw, Poland to assure our worried allies that the US has their back. Biden said that the US will stand up to Putin's aggression in Ukraine, in spite of the fact that we really won't. He did, however, say it with his signature smile.

In fact, when Joe arrived in Warsaw, Vladimir was on the move to Crimea, giggling over the powder-puff sanctions leveled on 11 people he couldn't care less about. To add insult to injury, Putin said that it was the fault of the West for the unrest in Ukraine.

Joe will also visit Lithuania and partake in their fast-food joints, where the servers all have Indian accents, like they do in the USA.

Then there's Swift-boat Kerry who spoke with his counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov. Nothing was accomplished at the meeting that Kerry labeled "constructive." He would have done better to label it "instructive," because Lavrov made him look like a fool.

He said of the interview: "We believe the referendum is contrary to the constitution of Ukraine, contrary to international law, is in violation of that law, and is illegitimate.

"I was clear with Foreign Minister Lavrov that [US president Barack Obama] has made clear there will be consequences if Russia does not find a way to change course.

"We don't say that as a threat, we say that as a direct consequence of the choices that Russia may or may not choose to make here." (Italics mine.)

Note the apology in the last sentence--it's pathetic. Kerry also congratulated Russia on the Para-olympics and asked Lavrov to pass this on to Mr. Putin. 

Poop doesn't get any weaker than that--we should be embarrassed to have this Vietnam-apologist-commie person as our Secretary of State.

This was not a "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" moment. It was more like "If you don't do what I'm begging you to do, I'll be a little upset and won't play with you" moment. This is the way the administration has been operating globally and we have been reduced to mediocrity. However, I believe it will change once "President" Obama leaves office. We are too great a country to let our greatness slip away.