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Monday, March 17, 2014

Giving it All Away

President Obama wants to give away the Internet. While you might think this is crazy, I think it's crazy-seditious. And if you want to weaken America, this is the way to start.

Obama has given away a piece of our sovereignty by allowing our borders to become porous, and allowing illegals to enter our country, obtain our tax-paid benefits, and even allowed factions of the Muslim Brotherhood to sit down with him in our White House. I mean, it isn't like these brotherhood dudes are actually brothers like Jay Z. They offer us nothing and want our country for themselves. Now he wants to hand over the Internet to whoever.

Giving away the Internet is like giving away the Panama Canal; we built it with our money, just like we built the Internet (Al Gore excluded), and liberals wanted us to hand the canal over to Panama. Thankfully, Ronald Reagan refused and Obama is clueless about who is responsible for building things.

I predict that if we give up the Internet, the UN will take it over and the Islamic majority nations will ban free speech. I further predict that when this happens, Obama will support that decision, calling free speech "hate speech." 

With Obama, it's all about the words. That's all he has is words.