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Saturday, March 29, 2014

G.W.'s Plot to Deplete Saudi Oil Reserves

A guy my wife works with goes to his mosque regularly. He told a tale to my wife that he revealed was told to him by his imam, and he fully believes the story is true. You decide for yourself as to whether this person is a complete idiot, or simply a partial idiot when it comes to his "religious" beliefs.

According to the imam, George W. Bush has a plan to deplete Saudi Arabia of its oil. Bush is sneaking helicopters into the country and loading them with oil, then flying the choppers back to Texas, and burying the oil below ground so that it isn't spotted by, um, oil spotters, I guess.

This is the kind of anti-American crap they teach Muslims at mosque. BUT THEY BELIEVE IT! Perhaps this is why there is a serious deficit of Nobel Prizes in Physics winners amongst the Islamic community.

In order to pull this off (for whatever reason) a huge helicopter would be needed. I would suggest the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion. It can carry a payload of 30,000 pounds per trip. 

Unfortunately for George W. Bush, the distance from Saudi Arabia is 7933 miles and the cruising range (loaded) of the CH-53E is 621 miles, which means it would need to refuel about 13 times, much of it being the ocean, to make it all the way to Texas. The trip, if there was no stopping to fuel, would take about 46 hours flying "balls to the wall." Obviously, in order to accomplish this incredible feat, the craft would need to be refueled in the air, which would end up costing a bit of money beyond what 30,000 pounds of oil could fetch on the black oil market, not to mention the cost of helicopter fuel (it holds 2277 gallons and requires 13 refills to make the trip, remember) and the salaries of the crew who would be flying for almost two full days.

The cost to fly the oil to the states would be more than the cost of the oil--that's why oil is transported by ship, not air.

In other words, it's ridiculous to think this imam has any greater credibility than the "religion" he spouts.