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Monday, January 23, 2012

Be Nice or We Will Kill You

I subscribe to several blogs that focus on Islam and it concomitant terrorist activities, but I find that I am not reading the articles like I used to and sometimes I don't even open the site.  The reason is simple: horror overload.

The Pot Calling the Kettle
How many times do you have to read about a group of Muslims going on a religious rampage and burning down a Christian church, often with people worshiping inside? How often do you need to hear about gays being hung in the streets of places like Iran?  How many Jew-bashing rants do you need to hear?  How many lies about "the religion of peace"?

My novel, Jihad Joe, required a significant amount of research on Islam's Koran and Hadith, and it became an excellent learning situation.  What I learned is that the religion of peace only lives up to its hype when it isn't challenged by outsiders.  But when it is, there is nothing peaceful about it.  The Koran, the Islamic holy book, is filled with killing, looting, slavery, and anti-Semitic spewing.  Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, killed a woman who admitted her sin to him and was pregnant from it.  The prophet of Islam killed her after her baby was finally weaned from the breast.  The prophet of Islam, in an example of infinite mercy, was personally responsible for the brutal slaying of 900 Jews from the Qurayish tribe.  After he killed the men and those boys who had reached puberty, he made slaves of the tribe's prepubescent children and the wives of the slain men.  This is not how we typically see prophets, but it certainly is typical of how we view 7th Century Bedouins.  

Can You Koran?
Then we have the Koran, a book that was written by Allah before time and books began, and whose perfect words could not be disputed, even in light of the fact that there are numerous fallacies and mistakes in the "perfect" book.  Simple examples: the sun doesn't set in a black mud puddle; the stars will not fall to the earth at the end of earth's time; and shooting stars are not Allah's weapons against his enemies.  And if the book was so perfect, why did Allah have to allow for abrogation (changes) to make the latter text "better than what came before it"? But if you try to challenge the Koran to a group of Muslims, say on a street corner in Dearborn, Michigan, you might end up in the hospital if you're lucky.

And still the religion persists because Mohammad built in a few failsafe mechanisms to ensure its longevity.  Prayer five times a day with all of the faithful facing in the same direction.  No questioning of the religion or risk being blasphemous, and other rules that were designed to increase the power of the faithful and enslavement of the nonbelievers.   

My next blog, "Little Mosque on the Prairie Fairytale" will speak more about Islam, Muslims, and what they want us to believe.

Peace out.
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