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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sharia Law: the Creeping Crud in the West

Sharia, or Islamic law, is slowly invading Western countries much like a case of the creeping crud,  or a horrible blood dyscrasia that can kill. This video shows what the modern day Islamic thinking is regarding this 7th Century barbarism, and I don't apologize for my distaste for Sharia; it goes against everything we hold dear and sacred in the West--freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and our basic freedom of choice. Hopefully, people will wake up and realize that it isn't the coffee they are smelling, but the stench of hatred perpetrated by our Muslim leaders, both in North America, and in the rest of the Western world.  Hopefully, Americans will see through Obama's lies as he appeases Muslims with his claim that Islam is a religion of peace and we will never be at war with Islam. They need to realize that he's either lying or stupid because we already are at war with Islam--imams and other Muslim leaders tell their followers to wage jihad, holy war, and it's best to agree with them on this point at the risk of being destroyed at their hands. 

I hope New Yorkers will also see how their mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is trying to shame New Yorkers and others into believing that not wanting a mosque at Ground Zero is somehow un-American; he cites the notion of freedom of religion.  That would make sense if the freedom of religion worked both ways, but unfortunately for non-Muslims throughout the Islamic-dominated nations, the opposite is true. Sharia law makes it a crime of blasphemy to talk to a Muslim about Christianity or any other religion except Islam. In Saudi Arabia, for example, if you enter the country with a Bible, it is confiscated at the airport and then burned--something the US government did with hundreds of Bibles in Afghanistan to keep from insulting the Muslims there. If it doesn't work both ways, why are we giving in to this sham? Imagine burning even one Koran--you know what would happen, yet it's okay for them to burn Christian and Jewish scripture. Of course, it's even worse than merely burning books--Coptic Christians are being killed in Muslim-dominated countries like Lebanon (which used to be Christian dominated until the Muslims went to war with them). 

The guy in this video wears a beard with no mustache because Mohammad wore his facial hair that way and to copy him is the best of things for Muslims. So to copy him would also mean having multiple wives (4 for men, 12 for Mohammad), being allowed to have slaves and then to have sex with them too if the urge hits, keeping women from having an education, from driving automobiles, from dressing comfortably in the heat, from marrying whomever they want to marry, or not marry whom their parents want them to, from having equal rights under Sharia, from inheriting from their parents equally instead of their male siblings being entitled to twice as much, and simply from being allowed to be free. Sharia doesn't do well with gays either, but for some crazy reason, gays are strutting their stuff in demonstrations against Israel, the only civilized Middle Eastern nation, and advocating for the Palestinians who would hang these gays in a heartbeat. 

The guy in the video also believs a thief should have his hand removed when he's caught stealing. A woman, he says, should be stoned to death for adultery or even for being raped without 4 male witnesses to attest to it. Why wouldn't he think this way--Mohammad had a woman stoned to death after she finished nursing her baby because she wrote a poem that ridiculed the prophet of Islam. Mohammad also beheaded 800 Jews in Qurayzah while his child wife looked on with him. Mohammad was a very very bad man and Muslims are continuing to follow his example while useful idiots in the West tell us how Islam is a religion of peace.  Well, if you want to stretch the idea, it is a religion of peace but only for Muslims. When the rest of us are dead, or living as virtual slaves, called dhimmies under Sharia law, having to pay a tax (like "insurance" sold by the Mafia), then there will be peace. How about that for religious freedom and tolerance?

So here comes the universal disclaimer: not all Muslims feel this way. Many Muslims are good, decent people who just want to get along and not blow themselves up and take you along for the heavenly ride. But Islam is not a religon of peace and orthodox Muslims are anything but peaceful. So stop kidding yourself into thinking they are because Barack Hussein Obama said so. Both of his fathers were Muslims, he lived like a Muslim in his formative years reading the Koran in Arabic, and doing Muslim activities. His agenda is not perfectly clear, but I believe it's clear enough to suggest that we must be very careful not to have this guy remain in office. 

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you are not a racist, you better not vote for him in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot. We cannot allow Sharia in North America. We must stop it at every cost because there is no greater document in history that surpasses our Constitution--don't let these leftists like Obama and his mentor, Fareed Zakaria tell you otherwise.