Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Auntie Maxine Waters' family is fading away like her childhood photos

Reprehensible Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) had fewer people at her event than a first string football team. Waters tried to get millenials to come to her rally to energize her re-election campaign, but only 11 people showed up, and they may have thought she was going to hand out free stuff.

The incredibly boring two-hour "Auntie Maxine Meet & Greet Tweet-a-thon" was hyped an opportunity for young uninformed people to join "top social media influencers" to support "our fearless campion in Congress" and a lady deemed as one of the most corrupt members of congress, and "reclaim our time."

Videos of the event showed that there were fewer than a dozen people there.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson said Waters passes herself off as a leader of a youthful, energetic, anti-Trump resistance, but she may be "an old person's version of what young people like."

Apparently, even young, poorly informed millenials have had enough "Impeach Forty-five" shout-outs.

Despite the crappy turnout, Waters advanced in Tuesday's primary and will battle Republican Omar Navarro, proving once again, that California is, in large part, a mental institution.

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