Friday, February 2, 2018

Hamas called out for their terrorism by Trump administration

Hamas' head scum wafer, Ismail Haniyeh, is now designated as a "global terrorist" and boy oh boy, is Hamas enraged. They're always enraged--they wake up enraged and beat their wives in an enraged state of mind.

The Trump administration has labeled Haniyeh as a "specially designated global terrorist" (SDGT) and Hamas has called the move a "dangerous violation of international law." The terrorist group also said that they would not be stopped from "liberating its land and holy places."

So what does Hamas mean by a "dangerous violation of international law?"

Is it firing rockets at Israeli civilian and school buses from Gaza? Could it possibly be the murdering of a Jewish family while they slept in their beds?

Is it considered a "dangerous violation of international law" to celebrate these Jewish murders by passing out sweets and naming schools and monuments to celebrate the murderers?

The SDGT designation prohibits Americans from engaging in transactions with these designees and any assets they may have in the U.S. are frozen. The designation was announced Wednesday by State Department coordinator Nathan Sales while addressing a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

"Haniyeh is the president of Hamas' political bureau," Sales said. "He's also closely tied to the group's terrorist operations, including attacks on Israeli citizens. Haniyeh has been a member of Hamas since the 1980s and he rose through the ranks in large part by continually championing terrorism against Israel."

Hamas is a terrorist organization that makes the false claim that Israel is Palestinian. I guess they never read the Old Testament.

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