Friday, January 19, 2018

MSNBC's Joy Reid walks it back . . . again!

MSNBC's Joy Reid, the black spokeswoman for American blacks who don't actually know the history of the Democratic Party and its relationship with the KKK and the Civil Rights Bill, had to walk back her racially charged comments on conservative David French. 

If only conservatives attacked Reid's uninformed accusation she would have never walked it back, but even those on the left realized she was as "full of it" as a dairy farmer's manure-spreader. 

It began with French's National Review article that theorized a hypothetical nuclear attack written on the heels of the false alarm in Hawaii last week. French noted that a nuclear blast "would devastate central Honolulu but leave many suburbs intact."

But true to liberal form, Reid didn't read the actual article and instead opted for misleading pickups that were published in the decorative toilet papers known as Newsweek and Raw Story that wasn't news and wasn't the raw story. 

These leftist media outlets focused on Trump supporters living in rural areas and it offered Reid the chance to spin the already watered-down versions of French's story to make it about race.

The uninformed but opinionated Reid tweeted:
"We have truly entered the age of insanity when the conservative argument in favor of risking nuclear war is, 'don't worry, it will only kill Democrats and minorities.' Shame on you @DavidAFrench.'"
She was swiftly mocked for her take on the article which she obviously didn't read. And David French called her tweet "misleading and ridiculous."

David French

In the annals of misleading and ridiculous tweets, this takes the cake:

1. I did not argue in favor of risking nuclear war.
2. I never said anything like the words in those quotes.
3. I wrote only in favor of prepping for bad events.

Other than that, the tweet’s great. 

David French

Earlier tonight @JoyAnnReid smeared me. She made things up. She claimed I said things I never said and never would say. Can she really believe I’m ok with nuclear war if it kills Democrats and minorities?  

When a HuffPost reporter, Yasher Ali, calls Reid's tweet "a totally unfair characterization," you know she screwed up.

Hot Air's John Sexton wrote: "The bit that Joy Reid puts in quotes is not taken from David French's story or even from the Newsweek story. She just made that up."

This is exactly what fake news is. 

But Reid blamed @rawstory for the screwup:
"Taking back my take on this - the @rawstory writeup doesn't reflect @DavidAFrench's intent and I think @Aunty_Em would probably agree. David and I disagree on almost everything, but my take on this was off track."
Anyone who Joy Reid disagrees with on almost everything should be proud.

Reid has called Trump supporters "deplorables," and she had to apologize for making homophobic comments in the past while speculating about former Florida governor Charlie Crist's sexual orientation. 

She has even said of the Trump presidency that it is the "worst time to be a human." She evidently believes that the Holocaust, slavery and the Black Plague were no big deal.

Because she's an idiot.

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