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European leaders facing growing public disdain, do a 'Trump'

The E.U. is struggling to solve their Middle East and Africa migrant problem as wave after wave of Muslims leave their s***hole countries to relocate and create a new s***hole country that they can call their own. The migrants are being held on a G
reek island awaiting future destinations.

So while the U.S. Democratic Party condemns President Trump for alleging he called certain African nations "s***hole countries," the European politicians, even those on the left, didn't join in on the condemnation. They have immigration problems that Trump is trying to avoid, and the political winds are blowing methane.

So while Europe's hypocritical leaders have spoken out against Trump, now they're keeping quiet because the problem has finally become obvious to the formerly oblivious populations across the continent.

The New York Times described a "ringing silence across broad parts of the European Union, especially in the east, and certainly no chorus of condemnation." 

It's a populist revolt emerging--Germans sick of the groping of their women like the Cologne New Year's Eve debacle January 1, 2017. East Europeans sick of the crime, the rapes and the anti-Semitism that has become commonplace.

While Merkel threw open the door to Germany and won praise and was given Times' Person of the Year--she opened the door to crime, terror attacks and a myriad of social problems. Her approval sank into the toilet and she had to move to the right to retain power--a move proving that her moral compass is in her nether regions.

She pushed for a "burqa ban" in December 2016 and promised the 2015 migrant inundation, for which she didn't take personal blame,  "cannot, should not and must not be repeated."

Still, her party Christian Democrats (CDU) took a big hit in the national elections last September. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party surged and Merkel was fighting for her job. Now the CDU looks to convince former coalition partners, the left-wing Social Democrats (SDU), to form another coalition to keep her in power.

Merkel wants to cap the refugee influx to about 200,000 people per year--a significant decrease from the hordes that entered Germany in 2015.

Obviously, the migrants/refugees/immigrants will not be screened based on merit or education, but on some sort of quota. This is not what Trump wants for us, but it seems too late for Merkel and her ilk to be picky regarding who they let in.

Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have been significantly more stringent in asserting their own sovereignty in dealing with immigration, in spite of opposition from E.U. officials, none of whom actually lives near any migrants.

Hungary erected a border fence along with even more border security measures and "did a Trump" by asking the E.U. to pay for half of it. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has used language that makes Trump's sound like Pope Francis. In an interview with Germany's Bild, he called migrants "Muslim invaders" and called multiculturalism "an illusion."

I agree with Orban in the first instance, but see multiculturalism not as an illusion, but as a "liberal illusion."

In a follow-up interview this week, Orban siad, "If you take masses of non-registered immigrants from the Middle East into your country, you are importing terrorism, crime, anti-Semitism, and homophobia."

Orban is the man! He has the courage to speak what he, and those of us willing to be honest, and therefore politically incorrect know is the truth.

"[In Hungary] there are no ghettos and no no-go areas, no scenes like New Year's Eve in Cologne. The images from Cologne have deeply moved us Hungarians," he said. "I have four daughters. I cannot help my children grow up in a world where something like Cologne can happen."

Even French centrist Emmanuel Macron, who beat Marine Le Pen, a strong anti-migration right-wing opponent, has rejected an open-arms migration approach for France. And while many saw Macron's landslide victory as a sign that Europe was opening its arms again to migrants, in a New Year's speech he admitted: "We can't welcome everyone, and we can't act without rules."

Gee what an novel idea. Why didn't Obama think of that one?

France has even taken a tougher line on economic migrants, which caused his own party to criticize him as being too tough and catering to the right-wing.

Reuters reported that opponents point to a new bill to increase detention times and deport anyone not classified as a refuge from a war zone. 

But Macron followed this up Tuesday with a visit to the former "Jungle camp" at Calais, (aka "The S***hole of Calais") a huge refugee camp at the port to the U.K. that was deconstructed in 2016. 

In a meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Macron is expected to demand a renegotiation over the border arrangement with the U.K., including more funding from them to take on more Muslim invaders. The U.K. is expected to jump at the offer since they've decided to leave the EU highly motivated by migration issues and a need for better border security.

Perhaps they should build a wall.
Meanwhile, here at home
In 2016, Britain allowed immigration by child asylum seekers from Calais who had family members in the U.K. It turned out that photos of these "children" depicted what one Conservative MP described as "hulking young men" presenting themselves as children.

In other words, the Muslim invasion.

In Austria, a right-wing government was formed in December led by Sebastian Kurz, a 31-year-old who vigorously campaigned on a tough migration stance.

Austria will take over the presidency of the E.U. Council this summer and Kurz said in an interview that one of his top priorities will be "border control to stop illegal migration to Europe."

We shall see what really happens since Kurz told the German media that the continent's view on migration is now much closer to his own.

"There has been a lot of movement in recent years," he said. "For example, the German position is now much closer to ours than it was two years ago. Many states have moved in the right direction. Now we need a focus on proper protection of the external borders of the EU and not just the constant debate about the distribution of refugees within the European Union by quotas."

Quotas are just plain stupid.

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