Monday, January 1, 2018

CNN stoner debacle for New Year's Eve

"Brzmtic malmpf dorftz"
The Clueless News Network (CNN) put the "J" in jackasses Sunday night in their pot-themed New Year's Eve debacle in which reporter Randi Kaye got 's***-faced stoned on air. She was in Denver where she fired up a fatty and it's legal there.

During the not-for-kids show, she held a wacky baccy, lit a bong and got all moist over a special gas mask used by stoners to get extra-super high, and she wondered where she was.

"This is for you, Andy!" Kaye said, addressing CNN host Andy Cohen as she held out a lit Maui wowie to the camera. Cohen was hosting with CNN's Anderson Cooper. Kathy Griffin was previously Cooper's New Year's Eve partner, but she was dumped after mocking President Trump by holding a mock-up of his severed head in a photo shoot.

Cohen, hoping to score, praised Kaye's report, as Cooper, who is gay and proud, reminded viewers that Kaye's behavior was legal, albeit kind of suck-worthy.
Kaye watches proudly

Kaye, who prefers cocaine over loco weed proudly announced she was witnessing "New Year's Eve, Denver style!" which means totally devoid of good judgment and the use of most brain cells, which makes her a liberal. While she wasn't seen on camera huffing and puffing, she appeared disoriented at one point and there appeared to be potato chip salt on her blouse, although it could have been dandruff.

"We're at a dispensary called the Medicine Man!" she said as she wore marijuana leaf earrings. "I'm trying to remember where we are. Where am I?" 

Why is there so many flies in the world?


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