Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bannon calls it quits soon he splits

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon has stepped down from Breitbart News, where he had inherited his role as executive chairman of the organization after Andrew Breitbart died.

After President Trump fired him, and he ran a failed campaign for the controversial Roy Moore, he returned to Breitbart, the only job left for him to once again screw up.

His resigning (if that, indeed, was what actually happened) comes amid his caustic remarks he reportedly made about President Trump's son, Donald Jr., describing his as "unpatriotic" and "treasonous," sentiments he shared with Michael Wolff whose gossipy book, "Fire and Fury," revealed this and other statements.

After trying to walk back the Don Jr. remark by claiming he was talking about Paul Manafort, Bannon found himself on the outs with the president. This may be in part due to the fact that he really gave no honest apology to the president, and the other unsavory things he said about President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, reportedly saying that she was as dumb as a brick.

The loser in all this, of course, is Bannon. He is a guy who has no achievements other than riding the coattails of those in power and acting important to the press--in this case, to a hack whose book is filled with misinformation and sheer inaccuracies. 

The fact that Wolff used Bannon as his main source of information is a testament to his poor judgment and lack of journalistic ability. He is a pseudo-journalist. 

In his NBC interview with Katy Tur, Wolff and Tur demonstrate that the media is engaged in confirmation bias--where the person believes the information of the biases he or she already has. Wolff actually said "my evidence is the book. If it makes sense to you, if it strikes a point, if it rings true, it is true."

No! That isn't how journalism works. If it rings true doesn't make it true. Wolff is an idiot and so was Bannon to think he could leak to this idiot and gain political traction.

Bannon's decision to go public was his own undoing and criticizing Trump's policies and his family was as dumb as the brick to which he classified Ivanka's intelligence.

Bannon can forget trying to find insurgent candidates to go up against the GOP establishment in 2018. His revolution is over, especially since Rebekah Mercer, his former wealthy benefactor said she's ending her support of his political efforts.

He's now known as "Sloppy Steve" by President Trump, and the moniker fits him perfectly.

Breitbart CEO Larry Solov said that "Steve is a valued part of our legacy, and we will always be grateful for his contributions, and what he has helped us accomplish." 

But I suspect, because it "rings true," that Solov is glad to have him go.

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