Saturday, December 30, 2017

Stupid Fla. cop proves anti-Semitism is stupid

He's the one who looks like a rabbi
A Florida  cop whose photo went viral working Hurricane Irma resigned from the force amid an internal investigation after he 'brilliantly' posted anti-Semitic comments on social media, and having sex while on the job.

His name is Michael Hamill, formerly of the Gainesville Police Department. He resigned on December 6th, when he was supposed to appear for an internal affairs interview, the Gainesville Sun reported.

Ben Tobias, a police department spokesman, said investigators were looking into Hamill's personal Facebook account where it is alleged he made anti-Semitic statements and allegations he had sex while on duty. 

Obviously, either allegation could have resulted in his termination, so the genius puts it out on social media to make certain it was on public record that he hates Jews and enjoys on duty screws.

Hamill was removed from duty in September after the anti-Semitic messages he posted on his Facebook page were uncovered. The department said they received complaints against Hamill from people who don't hate Jews because they actually know a few.

If you're curious about some of the garbage Hamill posted on his Facebook page, go here. I don't want to put that crap in my blog.

I will say that the genius made a Hitler reference, because idiots and jihadis still find that lunatic fascinating.

The department is also probing an internal complaint they received in October regarding a "sexual battery criminal investigation" against Hamill.

A report from internal affairs indicates four dates between February and April 2017 when Hamill had sex with a woman while on duty, investigators said. She told them she met Hamill in an Uber--he was the driver and worked for Uber on the side--another violation of department's policy.

I hate it when people call police officers 'pigs' because they're generally the finest people you'll ever meet. But Hamill, who was sworn in October 2016, actually is a pig and a disgrace to all good cops.

Maybe he can find work with the Skinheads or their sister group, Antifa.

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