Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DNC candidate Ellison ranted about "Jewish slave traders' this time

Rep. Keith Ellison (D.-Minn.) is a Muslim who want to head the Democratic National Committee (DNC) but he's been caught at making anti-Semitic remarks in the past, and has a long history of Jew-hating.

Of course, this recent rant is merely one of many anti-Semitic rants he's spewed. As Mother Jones reported, when he attended the University of Minnesota in the late 1980s, he allegedly said that "European white Jews were trying to oppress minorities all over the world," and referred to them as "Jewish slave traders."

Interestingly, he has nothing to say about the present ongoing slave trade in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Ellison is also a huge supporter of the racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Ellison wrote under the name Keith Hakim for the student paper, the Minnesota Daily, defending Farrakhan. He also introduced Kwame Ture, the black power activist who used to be known as Stokely Carmichael, when he spoke at the university. 

Ture called Zionism a form of white supremacy.

Technically, an actual form of supremacy, be it white or any skin color, is the religion of Islam. Not only does it see itself exalted above all other religions and Muslims to be "the best of people, Jews have earned Allah's anger" (Quran: 3:110-112), it also clearly states "Unbelievers, particularly Jews, are accursed" (Quran 2:89), and "Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes" (2:63).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you're wondering where all this hatred comes from, just read the "Noble Quran." Every page is chock full of hatred, particularly Jewish hatred.

In spite of the fact that Ture called Zionism a form of white supremacy, Ellison insisted Ture wasn't a racist when the university organized a series of conversations between blacks and Jews. But Ellison is known to have said that "European white Jews are trying to oppress minorities all over the world.," and he spoke of Jewish slave traders.

Click on the link to read more about the anti-Semitic  Ellison.

It's horrible that a person like that can be a U.S. congressman. You see, even black people can be racists, but they often deny it's possible.

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