Friday, December 22, 2017

D.C. Official pees in police station tells cops to clean it up

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Washington, D.C. -- A public official was arrested for drunk driving, allegedly used the "n-word" to vilify police officers and peed on the police station floor while telling cops to clean it up. He also allegedly threatened police by bragging that they didn't know who he was.

The alleged pisser, Paul Trantham, serves as a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner T Ward 8B. It used to be represented by former crack-user and D.C. mayor Marion Barry, a convicted felon.

Trantham allegedly was swerving in his vehicle around Oxon Hill, Maryland around midnight. He was pulled over by Prince George's County Police. He and his car stank of alcohol and he behaved aggressively when he was stopped because he was on his way to a midnight Mensa meeting. Not.

WTOP reported that when another officer arrived to assist with the situation, Trantham started name-dropping and claimed he knew Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker.

Once he was taken to the Oxon Hill police station, he allegedly used the "n-word" to target officers, then peed on the floor and ordered cops to clean it up.

Officers uncuffed him so he could properly use the bathroom. Trantham "slammed the door and said he wasn't coming out," according to a police report. When cops tried to enter the bathroom, he allegedly resisted arrest and issued a threat that they "didn't know who he was," the report states.

Trantham, ever the cool dude in a loose mood, denied the police version of what happened and ranted of the bathroom situation, "I think they are homosexuals because what man would come in there and pull another man off the seat?"

Gee, do homosexuals do that to other men?

Trantham said he plans to sue the police department. There's a video of what happened at the station bathroom so he'll probably lose if he actually tries to sue.

Hopefully he loses more than just the case.

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