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Monday, August 7, 2017

Loretta Lynch, aka Elizabeth Carlisle

Lynch and Carlisle (not  the granny)
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, alias Elizabeth Carlisle, used her alias to write about the controversial and inappropriate tarmac meeting she had with the controversial and inappropriate former President Bill "Oral Office" Clinton.

Top federal officials using email aliases is not illegal nor uncommon. Barack Obama's alias was "Caitlyn Jender;" Hillary Clinton's was "Marilyn Manson;" Huma Abedin's was "Ayisha N. Muhammad;" Josh Earnest was "Notso Earnest;" and Jay Carney's was simply "Blarney Stone."

Others in the Obama administration had less flamboyant names. Eric Holder, for example, used as his alias "Lew Alcindor," the former name of retired NBA star Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Holder didn't want to use Jabbar's Islamic name because he's Islamophobic, a condition that normally exists in conservative white men as defined by the left.

Critics of the practice of using aliases argue that they can result in some requested emails to and from officials going undetected, but those who use aliases explained that this is precisely why they use them and believe they should have anonymity from the law.

The Lynch-Carlisle emails used the alias to help craft responses to media requests about the meeting, the documents show, which indicates the level to which she would stoop to fool the American public. It also suggests that the meeting with Bill Clinton was not only optically inappropriate, but it was likely illegal and should have been an immediate trigger for Lynch's recusal, which never came.

Even former IRS official liar Lois Lerner used the alias "Toby Miles" to throw suspicion away from her as she targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. Of course, like the case with most top officials in government, she is above the law and all we can do is commiserate with Sean Hannity every night at 10:00 p.m. as he goes through the same talking points all week.

But at least with Hannity, we've developed a new drinking game: every time he says "You, the American people," you must down everything in your glass. When he says, "the deep state," you must take a full swig from your glass.

The name Elizabeth Carlisle is the birth name of Loretta Lynch's maternal grandmother. It is also the name of an actress who played hot, sexy roles including "prostitute" and "tipsy."

A source who wished to remain anonymous because they are afraid for their safety said that she admired the actress and wasn't aware of her granny's maiden name.

The Lynch-Carlisle documents were given to the groups in connection with lawsuits seeking information into the June 27, 2016 meeting on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport between Lynch and Bill Clinton. This happened amid a Comey/FBI non-investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal server with its classified information that she even sent to Huma Abedin's (aka Ayisha N. Muhammed) private computer that got into the hands of Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger).

Hillary was the so-called Secretary of State at the time, which explains why she never went on trial and then to prison.

A week after the tarmac incident, FBI Director Comey wrongly concluded the case by saying Hillary was "extremely careless" but that no prosecutor would indict her for breaking the law, or something to that effect.

Of course they would have indicted her--she broke the law and the public knew she did. Her server alone was reason to indict . . . but let me calm down a bit . . . 

Comey also said that Lynch directed him to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation "a matter," which "confused" him.

He is also confused by rainbows and Caitlyn Jenner.

The incident was whereby Bill Clinton left his private polluting jet and boarded Lynch's polluting jet uninvited. Lynch later said that they talked about grandchildren and yoga moves or some such thing. But of course, they never ever ever discussed the investigation of Bill's wife that was going on as they met.

Lynch later said she "regrets" having allowed the meeting. Republicans still say they "regret she's walking free."