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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Iran votes to boost missile program spending

"Pull my finger"
Photo: AP
The number one song in the Islamic Republic of Iran for over 100 straight weeks is "Death to America, Death to Israel." You can't dance to it because dancing is forbidden in Islam, except for the Sufi sect. But the Sufis are considered apostates by the Shi'ites and Sunnis who also see each other as apostates that could use a good beheading.

Iran's lawmakers, by an overwhelming majority, voted Sunday to increase spending on the nation's ballistic missile program and finance their Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

The moves come in response to the U.S. announcement of sanctions against the Muslim country that hate built.

According to state-run fake news agency IRNA, of the 247 lawmakers in attendance at the voting session, 240 approved the spending plan and 7 are mysteriously missing.

No specifics were announced as to how the money would be used, but my money is on religious articles such as: missiles, nuclear warheads, launchers, guns, naval vessels and fireproof Qurans.

In early August, Iran again asserted that the new U.S. sanctions was a "breach" of the 2015  naive nuclear deal between Iran and the West.

Abbas Araghchi, Iran's deputy foreign minister and senior nuclear negotiator (who made John Kerry look like an English-speaking savant) said that Iran had prepared a list of 16 measures to take against the U.S. in response to the sanctions, but would not elaborate. 

So it seems as if the sanctions are already working. Thank you President Trump.

The sanctions impose penalties on Iran's scum truffles involved in their ballistic missile program, enforces an arms embargo and applies terrorism sanctions  on their Revolutionary Guard--you know them as the folks who kidnapped our sailors and made us look weak.

In a speech aimed at President Trump, Iran's President Rouhani issued a warning aimed at anyone looking to dump the 2015 deal. "Those who intend to tear down the deal should know that they are tearing down their political life," Rouhani said in his swearing-in ceremony of his second term.

"No, you pull my finger"
Trump correctly criticized the garbage deal negotiated by the impotent Obama administration. Calling up the strongest word he could muster, Mr. Trump called the deal 'bad.' He promised to come up with a better plan for discouraging Iran's nuclear program but he doesn't want to give away any strategies just yet.

"Oh boy, will Iran be sorry they messed with Donald J. Trump," Mr. Trump said, speaking of himself in the third person. "They will be very very sorry they messed with me. Very sorry. Our military is tremendous. The greatest military in the world, maybe the entire galaxy, believe me; and if Iran thinks they're going to push us around, they've got another thing coming. Believe me."