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Monday, August 7, 2017

Fox's Eric Bolling suspended

La La Land -- Fox News has suspended Eric Bolling, the co-host of "The Specialists" while they investigate allegations that he sent a lewd photo to co-workers.

Fox News announced on Saturday that Bolling was suspended while it investigates a report that "The Specialists" co-host sent at least three female colleagues a lewd message.

Bolling's lawyer, Michael J. Bowe, said the allegations are false and that Bolling will cooperate with the investigation.

The suspension came just one day after a Huffington Post report using anonymous sources stated Bolling sent a lewd photo to at least three female colleagues at Fox News and Fox Business. 

Some speculate that the anonymous sources are Debby Wasserman-Schultz and Maxine Waters, but that has not been corroborated.

"The anonymous, uncorroborated claims are untrue and terribly unfair," Bowe wrote in an email Saturday. "We intend to fully cooperate with the investigation so that it can be concluded and Eric can return to work as quickly as possible."

Bolling joined Fox News in 2008 after working as a commodities trader. He is a staunch supporter of the president, and it is possible that this is what angered Waters and Wasserman-Schultz, but again, this is merely speculation.

The suspension is the latest in a cluster of sexual harassment complaints against high-testosterone personalities on Fox News and Fox Business Network. 

My anonymous source, who goes by the pseudonym Vinny Boombots, claims that the lewd photos of what is supposed to be Eric Bolling's genitalia is actually the genitalia of Caitlyn Jenner.

Go figure.