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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Afghan mosque attacker kills scores of Shi'ites

The extremist Sunni Muslims and the extremist Shi'ite Muslims cannot even get along with each other, much less with infidels.

A suicide jihadi rushed into Afghanistan's largest Shi'ite mosque in Herat province Tuesday night. He opened fire on worshippers then blew himself to bite-size bits. 

The early report claims he killed at least 20 and wounded dozens more, according to provincial governor's spokesman Jalani Farhad. However, Mehdi Hadid, a lawmaker from Herat (which when unscrambled spells 'heart') estimated the carnage to be at least 100 dead and wounded.

The attack on the Jawadia Mosque began in the middle of evening prayers when the mosque was overloaded with about 300 Shi'ite Muslims.

Dr. Mohammed Rafique Shehrzai of Herat Main Hospital confirmed 20 bodies were brought to the hospital in Herat City Tuesday night soon after the blast took their lives.

Whenever a minority in a Muslim community exists, they are considered infidels and are treated to the wrath of the 'true believers' who happen to be the majority. 

In this case it's the Shi'ites who are the minority in Afghanistan and have been threatened by the affiliate of the Islamic State group that rarely showers in the country's eastern part.

No one immediately claimed responsibility because he's dead, but neither did any group of terrorists.

Hadid rushed to the mosque after hearing about the explosion and was told the jihadi fired on the private guards outside the mosque before going in guns blazing. He kept firing until his rifle jammed--evidently jihadis clean their weapons as often as they clean themselves.

Then he blew himself up, flew to heaven on a rainbow unicorn and claimed his virgins.