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Sunday, July 30, 2017

U.S. Navy's warning shot in Gulf 'unprofessional' terrorist says

It's time to kick butt and take dog tags, except Islam hates dogs and Iran is Islamic, so maybe we have to take pussycat tags from those miserable terrorists.

The USS Nimitz, accompanied by another U.S. vessel, fired a warning shot Friday as a helicopter hovered over the Iranian ships near an Iranian oil-drilling platform in the Persian Gulf, Iran's state fake news agency said Saturday.

The U.S. ships left the area afterward, according to that report, making it sound like our Navy has nothing better to do than to harass Iran's ships.

Three days prior to this incident, a similar incident took place with the USS Thunderbolt and an Iranian vessel that ignored repeated radio calls, a warning flare, the wild, frantic waving of arms to turn, turn,  and finally a warning shot as the Iranian vessel ignored us.

It would be laughable to think that they, a bonafide terrorist nation, has the audacity to call the U.S. Navy's response "unprofessional," but they are too crazy and we need to take their craziness seriously, as we do with North Korea.

There have been about 60 unsafe interactions with Iranian ships in the Gulf since 2015, when they first knew they could get away with it on Obama's watch.

On Friday, we imposed new sanctions on Iran, targeting six Iranian subsidiaries of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group, known to torture puppies and hit girls.

The catalyst for these sanctions was Iran's missile launch on Thursday, which happily failed miserably, but shows that when they chant "Death to America! Death to Israel!" they're not kidding. It's believed Iran plans to build an intercontinental ballistic missile with nuclear carrying capability.

Hopefully, POTUS will continue to be tough on the Islamic nation of Iran. If they continue harassing our naval vessels, we need to show them a strong, uncompromising reaction.

Maybe we need to do some serious chanting ourselves.