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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sen. Kamala Harris spends fortune on improving her horrible image

"What don't you understand about 'shut up?'"
Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) has spent a ton of money to trick people into believing she's a nice person who cares about them. Harris shelled out $400,000 to the same online media firm that elevated geriatric socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) to presidential primary stardom.

The firm, Revolution Messaging LLC, is a Washington D.C.-based progressive online organization founded by Scott Goodstein. He was also the online director for Obama for America in 2008, and was key in pushing out Sanders' socialist message and somehow make socialism sound moral. 

Perhaps the name of the company is where Sanders came up with the idea of 'revolution' in the country.

This latest information confirms for me, at least, that Harris is going to throw her venom in the ring in 2020 and run for the presidency. If she should do so and then go on to win the primary, I predict that she and Donald Trump will come to actual blows.

If Harris doesn't run in 2020, I predict the intervening event that would prevent her from running would have to be an all-out war with either Russia, Iran, China or North Korea.

Hopefully, not all of the above.