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Monday, July 24, 2017

PA says "We don't want no metal detectors"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas predictably waited for an excuse to end security cooperation with Israel. When the Jewish State refused to remove metal detectors at the entrance of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, put there in reaction to ongoing Islamic violence, Abbas withdrew his cooperation.

Three Israelis were murdered by a Palestinian last weekend in a West Bank settlement. This predictably led to violent Palestinian protests which resulted in four Palestinians being killed by Israeli forces.

The Muslim terrorist, Omar al-Abed, wrote on his Facebook page before the attack that he wanted to "die for al-Aqsa." If that isn't Islamic, nothing is.

Abbas said that his decision to end coordination with Israel was done to force the Israelis to remove the gates, just in case a jihadi needs to get to work, (if you know what I mean). He also wants to stop the Israeli army from entering cities in the West Bank, supposedly under Palestinian control, when pursuing terrorists of Palestinian lineage.

Israel said it isn't removing the metal detectors--two police officers were killed earlier this month by Israeli-Arab gunmen belonging to the Religion of Peace.

Israel security believe that coordination is vital to reducing the violence that broke out late 2015. But the cooperation is deeply unpopular with the many anti-Semitic Palestinians who see it as a form of collaboration with the Jews that serve only their interest of not being slaughtered.

Muslim authorities have called on Allah worshippers to boycott the mosque until the Israelis take away the new gates and allow various metal objects in. "Allah can wait," is the slogan on lapel buttons being sold to gullible worshippers near the mosque.

Violent outbreaks continued on Saturday night after police broke up protests in Jerusalem.

The Palestinian ministry of health (they don't have a ministry for mental health) said one protester was shot and killed Saturday evening. They didn't mention that he was threatening the lives of Israeli security forces because that's considered 'bad press.'

In a statement released Sunday morning, Islamic authorities in Jerusalem rejected the use of perspicacious security measures that might save the lives of Muslims and Jews at the holy sites. "Let it be their fate," an Islamic authority spokes-jihadist said.

"Whatever Allah wants, Allah gets," said the Islamic authority who wishes to remain anonymous because he isn't authorized to speak for Allah.

Messages on the Palestinian social media dating site "Beneath the Burka" have been circulating, calling for the boycott of Allah at the al-Aqsa mosque to continue.

Israeli security officials were due to meet Sunday to discuss possible alternatives to the metal detectors. They are considering asking those entering the mosque: "Did you pack that vest you're wearing yourself?"