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Monday, July 24, 2017

Oops--'Made in America' uses Canadian company to sell its wares

The Trump administration celebrated "Made in America" week in which U.S. companies were honored. 

But there was a problem. 

President Trump used Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company founded by Germans: CEO Tobias Lütke and Daniel Weinland in 2004, the Daily Dot discovered. The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario.

The source code for shop.donaldjtrump.com shows that Trump's official online store is using Shopify service. He began using Shopify on August 26, 2016, according to Wayback Machine.

Trump sells a huge array of merchandise on his official store shop.donaldjtrump.com including golf clubs, beer can coolers, baby one-pieces, Trump-Pence megaphones, and yes, even "Make America Great Again" caps.

Another sad example of how POTUS doesn't practice what he preaches is a BuzzFeed report showing that at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-A-Lago asked the Department of Labor for permission to hire 70 temporary foreign workers under the H-2B visa program and his National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida asked to hire six more foreign cooks.

In a statement by the White House, it said that "for too long our government has forgotten American workers," and pledged: "Under the leadership of President Trump, not only will the American worker never be forgotten, but they will be championed."

Except at Mar-A-Lago, the National Golf Club in Jupiter, and online shopping for Trump products.

Sorry--I support President Trump, but he can't have it both ways. He needs to be more than charismatic--he needs to be real.