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Monday, July 3, 2017

Not enough diversity at Dunkirk to suit Diversity Nazis

Photo: Beat Street
A movie by Christopher Nolan is being attacked because it is accurately portraying history, Heat Street reports.

Yes, rather than fallaciously depicting history the way the diversity Nazis would like it to be, Nolan's latest movie Dunkirk,  accurately recreates the defense and evacuation of Allied and British forces from Northern France during the start of World War II.  

The movie is set for release July 21st and stars Mark Rylance, Jack Lowden and Harry Styles, all white guys.

Racists have taken to social media saying they'll boycott the movie because it's "too white" like the huge majority of British and Allied forces at that time.
One tweeter twit, Yasmin Salahuddin (@iamfindingmeeno) tweeted:
"Dunkirk or: let's put all the attractive, white, British males in one movie."
With a name like 'Yasmin, she would evidently like to have more Middle Eastern men, blacks, Chinese and Hispanics in the flick, but that wasn't how it went down. But, on a positive note, she didn't insist they shout "Allahu Akbar" when they engaged the enemy.

At least she found the white guys attractive.

Another racist twit tweeted: 
"What comes to mind when I see the trailer for Dunkirk? A boring movie with a bunch of white dudes. #nothanks
        -Steph I Runs Trails (@stephrunstrails)

Most people actually don't care that Steph runs trails or anything about Steph's life, but evidently the first thing that strikes Steph about the trailer is the lack of diversity in the fighting at Dunkirk, history be damned.

Dumb Dolly tweeted: 
"Dunkirk: more proof Hollywood will never run out of movies about white guys doing stuff in WWII."
--Dolly (@loather) [a fitting sobriquet for her].
I guess this is just more proof that facts don't matter to liberals, and they need to invent an acceptable reality that fits their narrative.

The people who fought and those who died at Dunkirk were overwhelmingly white men. People whose first instinct is to address the lack of diversity where it didn't actually exist are the racists they claim others to be, and their need to twist the truth is offensive and harmful.