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Monday, July 24, 2017

Merkel cuts out as election heats up

Hot pants and tub chair
Berlin -- Angela Merkel is leading by a substantial margin in the German opinion polls clearly indicating that Germans have no idea how much she has screwed them with her unrealistic immigration policy titled: "Come one, come all."

Feeling like she has nothing to worry about with just two months before the election, she left for a quiet three-week summer vacation to a secret location known only to herself and her gaggle of armed security who are charged with protecting her from all of those she let into the country.

Her vacation, which local media says will be spent at the opera and in the Italian Alps, isn't about her confidence in winning as much as it has to do with her being 'too pooped to pop.'

It will also keep her out of the limelight and free of controversy if the migrants and refugees don't go on a rape-fest in Cologne again.

If she wins a fourth term, Germany will deserve what they get--a country that doesn't look like Germany.