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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Islamists murder 2 German female tourists and 5 policemen

Egypt -- Two German female tourists were stabbed to death and four other foreigners were wounded in an attack last Friday in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. The jihadi, 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban was dressed in a black tee-shirt and jeans, wielding a knife and intentionally sought to only attack foreigners.

He reportedly spoke to the two German women, speaking in fluent German, moments before he began attacking them and fleeing the scene.

The women were stabbed in the face, neck and feet.

"Stay away, I don't want Egyptians," he'd shouted in Arabic during the attack, obviously only wanting to kill infidels.

He was chased by hotel workers and security guards who eventually caught him and pinned him until police arrived.

This attack came merely hours after a shooting near Egypt's famous pyramids outside of Cairo that killed five policemen.

The motive behind the stabbing is clear--the Muslim man only wanted to kill non-Muslims. 

Abdel-Rahman comes from the Nile-Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh where he attended business school of the local branch of Al-Azhar University--the world's foremost seat of learning of Sunni Islam and alleged radical teachings and doctrinal orthodoxy.

The Interior Ministry refused to take blame for the security lapse and said the attacker sneaked into the hotel by swimming from a nearby beach. He was immediately arrested at the scene. Police are interviewing 15 hotel workers to piece together all that happened.

The four wounded tourists included citizens of Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

In the police killings outside of Cairo, no group claimed responsibility but it appears to be carried out by a group known as Hasm, a small Muslim militant group. The name, 'Hasm' means 'Decisiveness' and they're linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The attacks have caused Coptic churches to suspend religious festivals and group tour trips to monasteries for the remainder of the summer.