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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hillary is back to help the GOP

Like a severe case of chronic shingles, Hillary Clinton just won't go away. Now she's looking to find a role in the midterm elections but it isn't clear what that role might be--hog caller? Pantsuit model? The 'Before' in a Before and After commercial for election success?

The former incompetent Secretary of State, do-nothing NY State Senator, and former Worst Lady, has already launched a PAC to help congressional Democratic candidates in the midterms (in 2018). 

This tells us that no matter how hard we try, we cannot rid ourselves of this no policy, Screaming Mimi. 

According to sources who spoke to Fox News, Hillary is looking at the House districts she won in the presidential election "as part of an autopsy of her failed campaign." 

Most likely, she will offer to help along the long and dusty campaign trail, especially in the 23 districts held by Republicans who preferred a TV personality over her.

The good news is, she can unwittingly help the GOP in the midterms because if all goes well, and Trump keeps his promise to "lock her up," she will lose the majority of independent voters for the Democrats, although she will likely gain a number of liberals who will see her incarceration as "being put down by the 'man.'"

So right now the Democratic platform for the governance of the United States of America is: a) to attack Donald Trump and have him replaced with Hillary Clinton just for spite; b) to win the midterms; and c) to have 'more flexibility' with Russia.