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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton as dirty as the rest of them

Swamp creatures
What fair-minded people are discovering from the mega-media coverage of Donald Trump Jr.'s dealings with Russians who are alleged to have conned him into thinking they had dirt on Hillary Clinton during the presidential election campaigns of 2016 is that all of politics is a swamp.  All of it and nobody is free from the muck and mire.

If Trump Jr. just told the truth immediately, showed what he had in emails, shrugged his shoulders and walked away, the problem would have walked with him.

But the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. during last year's campaign, and who opposed sanctions on targeted Russian human-rights abusers, also met with Hillary Clinton. 

And after Bill Clinton gave a speech in Moscow--which netted the Clinton's $500,000--Hillary suddenly opposed sanctions on Russian human-rights abusers. 

Coincidence or behavior of swamp creatures?

Fortunately Hillary has the MSM on her side and her campaign was able to successfully play the link of the two incidents down.

The Trump administration, on the other hand, are doing all they can to draw attention to Bill's speech and the Clinton's ties to Russia in a Kindergarten bid to say, "Look, they did it too." A case of two wrongs making a right or something.

Of course, Trump's correct--the Clinton's are no less guilty of 'colluding' with the Russians--probably more so--but the main thing isn't that Trump Jr. did no wrong, but that the press continues to cover for the left and treat the right unfairly.

"If you want to talk about having relationships with Russia, I'd look no further than the Clintons," Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at last week's briefing. "Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, personally thanked by President Putin."

Let's be clear: when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she and her 'foundation' took tons of foreign money and it bought influence.

That's illegal.

Bill's speech is back biting him on the butt now that the company that cut the check was allegedly tied to the scandal that pushed the Global Magnitsky Act, a bill imposing sanctions on the aforementioned human- rights abusers, which became law in 2012 with bipartisan support.

The Magnitsky Act is the same law Natalia Veselnitskaya was lobbying against during her Trump Jr. meeting last year. In 2010, it would have put her and the Clintons on the same side of the law.

Just before Bill's 2010 speech in Moscow, Congress was pushing Hillary's State Department to refuse visas to Russian officials implicated under the policy. 

Hillary denied Congress' request.

Obama was also initially opposed to the Magnitsky Act because comrade Obama was seeking to "reset" with Russia and didn't want to deepen the divide between us and Russia.

A few weeks later, Bill Clinton gave the speech to Renaissance Bank, which was one of the parties whose executives would have been banned from the U.S. under the law.

In 2015, a memo from Clinton's presidential campaign team (later published by WikiLeaks) showed that her campaign was able to stop the presses.

"With the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link HRC's opposition to the Magnitsky bill a $500,000 speech that WJC gave in Moscow," Jessie Lehrich on the Rapid Response Communications team for Hillary For America, bragged on May 21, 2015.

The Global Magnitsky Act was named for a tax attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, 36, who died in Russian government custody after he accused the government and organized crime of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from a foreign company, Hermitage Capital Management.

Magnitsky was hired by foreign investor and Hermitage owner William Browder. He tracked what was discovered to be hundreds of millions of dollars in tax fraud and reported it to the wrong people: the Russian authorities. Instead of pressing charges against the alleged offender, Magnitsky was jailed.

After he died in 2009, Browder said Magnitsky proved Renaissance officials were among those orchestrating the scheme.

These were the same folks who paid Bill Clinton half a million dollars and on whom Hillary reversed the sanction decision.

So yes, Donald Trump Jr. should have come clean immediately, but Hillary and Bill Clinton were never clean a day in their lives.

Drain the swamp.