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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Daily Beast hack apologizes for sexist tweet attacking Huckabee Sanders

The Daily Cesspool Beast "writer" who called White House Press a "butch queen" on Twitter Friday got too many negative responses that forced him to apologize for being a dickweed.

Ira Madison, an uncouth culture writer issued his apology on Twitter on Monday.

Madison, who evidently hates women and gays has written for Gentleman's Quarterly (in spite of his having no idea what a gentleman is), and New York Magazine.

The weasel tweeted:
"Apologies to Sarah H. Sanders for the ill-judged joke tweeted Fri, deleted this AM. I didn't mean to offend anyone & I'm sorry that I did!"
 Twitter users kept calling him out anyway:
"Apologies are great, but not doing in the first place is even better. Try to put your nice cap on next time."
Others, like myself, weren't buying in to his heartfelt sorrow over his bile, and using the term 'butch queen' refers to a gay man who's "neither extremely feminine, nor extremely masculine and can easily portray both mannerisms."

Another tweet read: 
"So sexist and misogynistic comments are acceptable as long as they're aimed at Conservative women. Thanks for clarifying those rules."
Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center, spoke to Fox News. 

"Since the Daily Beast says it values 'an inclusive culture, committed to the public good,' I assume this is the last time Ira Madison III will be writing for them. It goes to a larger point. Liberals get away with personal attacks that would ruin the careers of people on the right. This is demented, but watch how little attention it gets from the national press."

Ira Madison III is a brave man to attack a woman from afar, using Twitter, "The Angry Folks' Social Media Platform." 

The Daily Beast was too cowardly to comment but that's to be expected.