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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Canada: Former mayoral candidate charged with hate for criticizing Christianity

Photo: Global News
Ontario, Canada -- A former Mississauga mayoral candidate Mohammed Mahmoud Muhamed, 45, whose online posts targeting Christians prompted complaints, was arrested for "hate-motivated crime," Peel Regional Police said.

Muhamed was charged with a single count of willful promotion of hatred following what a statement called "a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents reported to police."

The Democracy Can Go To Hell Report website where Muhamed posts his radio-host style videos, many of which are aimed at the Christian faith, particularly the Amish, remained online after the arrest.

The last episode, which broke his camel's back so to speak, was a rant he made about the disgusting behavior of the Amish regarding 'sparking,' a practice many Muslims want to ban but are afraid of the consequences they might have heaped upon them by angry Amishists.

Amish terror in Canada is clearly on the rise, eh.

The devout Muslim man was charged under a section that outlaws the promotion of "hatred against any identifiable group" other than in private conversation and determine by any individual who feels 'unsafe' and cannot find his or her 'safe space.'

If convicted, Muhamed (who likes to be called "Mohammad" with an 'a') faces up to two years imprisonment if convicted.

The charge was approved by the Ontario Attorney General's office, which has the final say as to how they feel about hate crimes prosecutions. Muhamed is scheduled to appear in Brampton court on Monday and Christians, particularly Amish, have been holding vigils near the courthouse.

"This charge is long overdue," said John Smith, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Christians. "We welcome this development as an important step towards safeguarding our communities from unchecked hatred that both harms social cohesion and threatens the safety of community members, especially the Amish ones.
The future problem?

Muhamed couldn't be reached for comment but a recorded message on his phone merely mentioned that his Twitter and YouTube accounts have been suspended.

In recent months, Muhamed has become known for his remarks about Christians, particularly in his opposition to weekly Christian prayers in Peel district schools. In fact, Muhamed first offered a reward of $1,000 and then $2,500 for a recording of "hate speech" during or after "The Lord's Prayer."

"Today the Christian community of Peel can sleep safer knowing that there are consequences for promoting hatred and inciting violence against us," Father John Bishop said. "We hope that these charges will serve to deter future Islamic assaults on our community."

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