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Friday, July 21, 2017

Bill Nye blames the elderly for denying pseudoscience

Bill Nye "the Pseudoscience Guy" is now going after the elderly as he labeled them the largest group of science deniers. This is coming from a person who believes that anyone can determine their gender by identifying as that gender. 

The huckster effectively said that once old people "age out," (a politically correct way of saying "die") only then will climate science start to advance. He even advocated for jailing climate deniers because they don't agree with him.

"Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It's generational," the 61-year-old idiot said, not taking into account that older people just might be at least as intelligent as college kids who don't know how many senators we have or who the United States defeated in the Revolutionary War. 

The Pseudoscience Guy even linked global warming to el nino instead of carbon dioxide emissions. 

This is a guy who, like Al Jazeera Gore, does not hold a degree in meteorology or even oceanography. His degree is in mechanical engineering! And they don't teach about el nino as part of the coursework.

Al Gore attended St. Albans Prep School and graduated 25th in his class of 51. He applied to Harvard and got in, planning to major in English and be a novelist. He sucked at science and math in school and avoided them and overall, his grades put him in the lower fifth of his class.

These are the science 'gurus' that leftists look up to.

Science is all about skepticism. It's a "don't believe everything you hear" kind of field where replication is vital to theory. Hustlers like Nye and Gore have enriched themselves off the ignorance of liberal