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Saturday, July 15, 2017

American Airlines passenger upset with masturbating seat-mate

Chloe King was heading from New York City to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. She had a window seat and a man sat in the middle while a woman sat by the aisle.

Catching a few zzz's in flight, she awoke to discover the guy next to her was masturbating while she slept.

So she wrote an essay about it for Medium saying that the woman seated on the masturbator's other side saw him doing it and told the flight attendant who allowed the woman by the aisle to change seats.

According to the essay, the guy was told that once they landed in Paris he would be arrested. However, King wasn't told nor awakened during the time the guy was 'being his own best friend' and only discovered what was happening after she awoke a while later, as the plane was descending toward Charles de Gaulle. It was only then that a flight attendant summoned her to the rear of the plane and informed her of what had happened, because "they just wanted to let me know."

"What they didn't do was wake me up and move me to a safe place," she wrote in her essay titled "We've Now Reached Creeping Altitude."

She said she wasn't allowed to switch seats like the other woman seated by the aisle was able to do.

"Instead, they made me climb back over the sex offender, trapped between him and the window for the rest of the flight. I was shaking and crying and trying not to get sick," said King.

So the question is, was she sleeping or was she crying? 

Once the plane landed, she said she was met with "blank stares" at the AA desk after reporting the crew's actions (or inactions, in her case). She also wrote how the airline sent her a "generic" email after escalating the matter to AA's legal department.

Now she is pleading with the everyone in the world not to fly with AA over what she says was a failure on their part to "protect [her] safety in a horrifying situation."

"You chose to treat the man committing the crime with far more respect than the unconscious woman sitting beside him," King wrote, addressing the airline directly. "As humans, we deserve more than that."

"Please choose any other airline," she posted on Facebook.

A spokesperson for AA responded to King's complaints in a statement they provided to the New York Daily News

"We are reviewing how we handled the situation on this flight, and have reached out directly to Ms. King."

The masturbator was reportedly taken into custody when he arrived in Paris. 

The man is obviously a wack job.