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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ambushed British special forces soldier drowns ISIS punk in a puddle

A group of Special Boat Service troopers in Iraq were surrounded by the terror group ISIS. The fighting was intense and after the Brits ran out of rounds, they refused to die on their knees, or be capture only to be tortured and beheaded. They decided to "go out fighting."

The fighting was hand-to-hand, rifle butts and knives, teeth and knees with the intention of killing as many of the scum-wafers as they could before going down.

One Brit soldier killed three Islamists using his rifle as a bat, hitting home runs (or "sixers" as they call it in cricket) as his rifle eventually became a sticky wicket.

The Royal Navy's Special Boat Service are on par with our Navy SEALs. They were convinced they were going to die after being outnumbered and surrounded after being ambushed by around 50 ISIS crap weasels.

After killing at least 20 of the religious fanatics, this elite group of warriors saw they had only 10 rounds left between them and were trapped in a small river bed, near Mosul.

They fought with the knowledge that it's better a "soldier's death" than to be captured. They decided to fight like "crazed warriors" to kill as many of the Muslim militants as possible.

The Brits shook hands and said goodbye, and charged the remaining 30 terrorists while firing their remaining rounds before going after them with knives, slashing away at will, at Mohammad, at Omar, at Ahmed.

The report said the Brits charged the ISIS fighters. "They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists."

One man, a SBS Warrant Officer, drowned one of the creeps in a puddle after forcing his face into the ground, claimed the source. 

Hopefully there was a farm nearby and the puddle was made by a manure spreader.

The Warrant Officer then picked up a large stone and smashed the skull of another unlucky devil worshipper.

After about five minutes of hand-to-hand, 12 ISIS pissants were dead or were in a condition that made them wish they were. The rest of them ran like frightened pussy cats.

All of the Brits survived, Inshallah, [sarc] although they all sustained injuries. At least two received gunshot wounds but they failed the art of aiming at ISIS University.

The Brits walked five miles before hitching a ride back to an SAS base with the Kurds.

All but two of the men were back in the fight within a matter of days.