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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Va. imam willing to have orchiectomy to prove a point

A Virginia imam said that female genital mutilation is the best way to prevent "hypersexuality," which is another way of saying that it prevents a woman from experiencing sexual pleasure. 

The mosque publicly condemned his words and want him fired. The Board of Directors at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church said that Imam Shaker Elsayed's apparent endorsement of FGM, an outlawed practice and sees it as "the honorable thing to do if needed" goes against U.S. and Islamic law.

The imam's comments came during a lecture on child rearing and family life lat month and the controversy came after a conservative watchdog group circulated a video clip of his speech online.

Thus, the mosque outrage came after they were caught. 

But the imam made a startling announcement. He said that he personally is willing to have his testicles removed to rid himself of his own "hypersexuality" and he would have the bilateral orchiectomy, as the procedure is known in the medical field, in Macy's window. "Just don't fire me," he pleaded. "I need this job."

FGM is considered a human rights violation by the World Health Organization along with most governments, but it's a common practice among certain Muslim and Christian populations in Africa and Asia. The practice can range from a small snip of the clitoris to full removal of the clitoris and labia and the infibulation of the vaginal opening. This can lead to hemorrhaging, serious chronic infections, childbirth complications and death.

While there's nothing about it in the Koran or Bible, experts believe it's perpetrated largely due to false claims about religious obligations and health benefits, social pressure and of course, the desire to suppress female sexual pleasure.

Elsayed made a video that was seen on the mosque's YouTube channel and spoke about circumcision, describing it as the cutting of "the tip of the sexually sensitive part of the girl so that she is not hyper-sexually active."

In spite of Dar al-Hijrah's rejection of the imam's opinion, the Board agrees that his groveling to keep his job is entertaining to watch and they plan to have him come back several more times to meet with them "because it's fun."

"If the imam actually goes through with the bilateral orchiectomy, we may seriously consider retaining him," an anonymous board member said, "but he's going to have to drop his drawers and show us his junk, and lack thereof, before we decide."