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Saturday, June 17, 2017

UK & Germany ditch rainbow Skittles for LGBT spotlight

The Chicago-based Wrigley Company, manufacturer of Skittles, has temporarily stopped manufacturing its rainbow theme in the UK and Germany so that lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people can feel that they are in the limelight of social discourse and can feel the "pride" of being something, rather than the pride of accomplishing something. One takes work.

Michelle Green, a spokes, who identifies as a woman, for the company told the AP that due to the fact that rainbow colors are identified with both LGBT pride and Skittles, the candy maker chose only one color during the celebrations "in order for Pride's rainbow to take center stage."

Barf bags will be handed out when we land.

June is LGBT Pride month. 

But June is also:
1.   Dare Day; Flip a Coin Day 
2.  National Bubba Day; National Doughnut Day (always the first Friday in June); National Rocky Road Day
3.  National Trails Day (First Saturday in June); Repeat Day (I said "Repeat Day")
4.  Applesauce Cake Day; Hug Your Cat Day; National Cheese Day; Old Maid's Day
5.  Hot Air Balloon Day; World Environment Day
6.  D-Day, WWII; National Gardening Exercise Day; National Yo-   Yo Day
7.  National Chocolate Ice Cream Day; VCR Day
8.  Best Friends Day; Name Your Poison Day; World Ocean Day
9.  Donald Duck Day; National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
10. Ball Point Pen Day; Herb and Spices Day; Ice Tea Day 
11. National Corn on the Cob Day
12. National Jerky Day; National Peanut Butter Cookie Day; Red Rose Day
13. National Weed Your Garden Day; Sewing Machine Day
14. Flag Day; Monkey Around Day
15. Smile Power Day; Global Wind Day
16. Fresh Veggies Day 
17. Eat Your Vegetables Day; National Hollerin' Contest Day (third Saturday in June); World Juggler's Day (Saturday closest to June 17th)
18. Father's Day (third Sunday); Go Fishing Day; International Panic Day; International Picnic Day; International Sushi Day; National Splurge Day
19. National Kissing Day; World Sauntering Day
20. Ice Cream Soda Day
21. Go Skate Day; International Yoga Day; Finally Summer Day (summer Solstice-date varies)
22. National Chocolate Eclair Day
23. National Columnist Day; National Pink Day; Take Your Dog to Work Day (Friday after Father's Day)
24. Swim a Lap Day
25. Log Cabin Day; National Catfish Day
26. Beautician's Day; Forgiveness Day
27. Sun Glasses Day
28. Insurance Awareness Day; Paul Bunyan Day
29. Camera Day; Hug Holiday; International Mud Day; Waffle Iron Day
30. Meteor Day 
The Skittles color switch began in late March and ends in September. The candy is sold in a black and white wrapper. 

The move by the candy giant received mixed reactions on social media. Some Twitter users like it, but others are critical of white for the campaign and say it goes against diversity.

Even the Huffington Post had to weigh in with an article titled: "Some People Think Skittles' All-White Pride Candies Are Racist."


If the candies were all black this would have never happened. White candies just don't get a fair shake and it's perfectly acceptable to attack white candy pride but never BCM activists.

And what about the queer community? It's only about LGBT--where the F is the Q?

We are losing our minds, America. This garbage would be laughable if we read about it 20 years ago, but people today actually take this nonsense seriously--particularly those on the left.

One has to begin questioning the idea that when color becomes a factor in all aspects of life to the left, then who really is the racist?

Oh please forgive us our white candy.