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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump: "The deal's off Paris-I work for Pittsburgh"

President Trump said he would be making an announcement about his decision regarding the Paris climate agreement at 3:00 p.m. ET today and, true to his fans, he did. The drama is over--Mr. Trump abided by his campaign promise and said emphatically that we're going to exit the deal.

The Paris climate change agreement is a pact between almost 200 nations with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a way to fight climate change. The U.S. is the planet's second largest carbon emitter, only exceeded by China. India is also high on the list.

The agreement requires the U.S. to reduce fossil fuel emissions by nearly 30 percent by 2025.

"So we're getting out," Mr. Trump said. "The Paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the United States." (Translation: "The Accord de Paris is very, very unfair.")

Although Trump's decision pleases the base and many Republicans opposed to the global climate deal, it isolates us and the world leaders involved with the agreement, and some climate scientists will likely condemn us for dropping out. 

And leaving the deal aligns us with Nicaragua and Syria.

Some say it will hurt the economy but Trump and his supporters of the deal say it is going to create jobs in the future. But while the deal was pushed through by Obama via executive order (because that would've been the only way to get it through Capitol Hill), it will alienate our country and diminish our standing as a global leader, say some.

So with Obama pushing the deal through without a vote in the legislature, President Trump can cancel it without a vote in the legislature as well . . . kind of like what Harry Reid did with the nuclear option--they screwed the pooch.

It would have been better if Obama had tried to get it approved lawfully--that is, with Congressional approval. But he had his pen and he had his phone and he had little else to brag about.

President Trump made his announcement from the White House Rose Garden.

Candidate Trump promised to "cancel" the Paris climate deal during his first major policy speech on energy in March 2016. He attacked "draconian climate rules" and vowed to cut any funding for UN programs related to combatting any climate change programs. He even refused to acknowledge the human contribution to climate change and called it a "hoax." But when pressed on that comment he later said that he was "kidding."

Don't you just love a POTUS who's a kidder?

According to Politico, Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, have pushed for an exit of the deal while Trump's daughter Ivanka and business leaders along with other allies, have pushed a pro-Paris agenda.

Apple's Tim Cook and Tesla's Elon Musk have tried to convince Trump to stay in the agreement. 

Tom Steyer, a Democratic mega-donor, tweeted: "Generations of Americans will suffer the destructive effects of Trump's greedy, selfish, and immoral decision."

Except that it wasn't. The decision was based on a campaign promise to his base that he would undo a lot of what Obama did without legislative approval. Not everything Trump has done this early in his time in office has fulfilled campaign promises, but this one has and it isn't immoral.

It's immoral to say that it's immoral.

Everyone on the left blames Trump for anything they can that negatively impacts on his presidency. Nancy Pelosi even commented that he should have gone in alphabetical order to countries on his first trip abroad as president. 

You cannot make this insanity up!

Insofar as the Paris climate agreement goes, I'm not certain what we should do as a nation. But a campaign promise kept cannot be immoral.