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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Still vacationing after all these years

"Do you like my muscle, RIchard?"
Poor Barack Obama, he can't catch a break. Now he's being attacked by his own leftist party for his never ending, super luxurious, vacations to millionaire and billionaire retreats where true socialists cannot afford to go, save Bernie Sanders when he's not under investigation.

While it's almost expected for an ex-president to immediately go on vacation after leaving office, the level of luxury the Obamas enjoy is unprecedented (or 'unpresidented' as Trump would argue) for a modern-day president, according to travel experts.

Since Obama thankfully left office in January, he visited Marlon Brando's private island; the Four Seasons in Bali; Indonesia; a Palm Springs estate; Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island; the Mid Pacific Country Club in Oahu; the 13th Century Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany (where he may have met Pinocchio); and the Rising Sun, Hollywood studio mogul David Geffen's private yacht.

For a socialism advocate, he's looking a lot like a successful capitalist.

"These are some of the most luxurious travel destinations in the world. Many of our clients spend tens of thousands of dollars or more to stay at these resorts, which cater to the most discriminating and demanding guests," said Kendra Thornton, a travel expert and owner of luxury travel agency Royal Travel. "For example, Necker Island has a nightly price tag of $80,000. Anyone who stays at these properties does so because they want the best of the best."

And they sure don't want to be around the common folk who worship them.

Former Jimmy Carter strategist Pat Caddell said of Obama, "I think the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, when they see President Obama, whom they instinctively want to defend [even if he took a dump on their desk, as Anderson Cooper might say] being the corporatist president, I think it makes the base uneasy."

Even the left-wing media with its opinionated foreigners such as John Oliver are also worried about Obama's luxurious lifestyle.

"I'll tell you who should kick back a little less," Oliver told Seth Meyers in an interview. "This might be controversial [for progressives]--I'm a little sick of seeing photos of President Obama on vacation with Richard Branson. Just tone it down with the kite-surfing pictures. I'm glad he's having a nice time--America is on fire."

Of course it's the left that lit the match that set America on fire.

Oliver then said that Obama was accused of being out of touch with the American people when he was in office.

"I'm not sure he's ever been more out of touch than he is right now," Oliver complained back in February.

Obama obviously has the right to vacation or do anything he wants. But please keep the socialist pontificating to a minimum, sir.