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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pro-ISIS jihadis storm Philippine school, take hostages

(Photo: Reuters)
About three hundred pro-ISIS scum wafers stormed a school in the southern Philippines Wednesday and are holding students hostage, according to Reuters.

A gun battle ensued in Pagcawayan town in North Cotabato between the Muslim jihadis and Philippine troops. The attack may be an attempt to draw the military's focus away from Marawi city where they are dealing with the Muslim militants at the present time.

Police Chief Inspector Realan Mamon told the AP that gunmen of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (a group fighting to take away the freedom of worship from everyone not associated with them) raided Malagakit village at dawn Wednesday and engaged government military in a firefight. Villagers ran to safety.

"We can confirm that they occupied a school and there were civilians trapped. We are in the process of determining how many were trapped and their identities," Mamon told Reuters.

Happy Ramadan, campers.