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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Over 130 imams refuse to provide funeral services for dead jihadists

Love is all you need . . .  and weapons
Finally, Islamic leaders of the community refusing to say funeral prayers for the London Bridge terrorists. Over 130 imams made the "unprecedented" decision not to pray for the dead jihadists, in spite of the fact that it's usually done for the dead, regardless of their past murderous scumbaggery.

The imams and religious leaders are also urging others to join them in a prayer boycott, a decision made by Muslim community leaders who came out to support the effort to report extremism in their neighborhoods. 

Of course, this probably puts their lives in jeopardy because a substantially large number of Muslims support jihadist attacks and think of the London murderers as martyrs.

"We, as Muslim Imams and religious leaders, condemn the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London in the strongest terms possible," the Muslim leaders said in a statement [stolen from the Obama administration cheat sheet]. "Coming from a range of backgrounds, and from across the U.K.; feeling the pain the rest of the nation feels, we have come together to express our shock and utter disgust at these cold-blooded murders. We are deeply hurt that a spate of terror attacks have been committed in our country once more by murderers who seek to gain religious legitimacy for their actions. We seek to clarify that their reprehensible actions have neither legitimacy nor our sympathy."

This is a good thing. Finally, Islamic leaders are delegitimizing terror attacks. It's about time they refused to give this barbaric action respect.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson applauded their decision and said he was encouraged by the imams. It means that the imams are condemning the souls of the murderers because the funeral prayer asks for forgiveness of the dead.

Mak Chishty, the Metropolitan police commander of engagement, said that it's time for Muslims to "counter the scourge of terrorism, extremism and hatred that we have in our communities at present."

Chishty is the highest-ranking Muslim officer in the Metropolitan police department. "It is the Islamic duty of every Muslim to be loyal to the country in which we live," he said. "We are now asking questions to understand how extremism and hatred has taken hold within some elements of our own communities."

Daesh (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack, but that's their default position.

There are 11 people in police custody on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Act. Others who were arrested have been released without being charged.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, also a Muslim, condemned the attack and said it was "disgusting" and a perversion of Islam, which, in fact, it really isn't if you go by what the Islamic scripture says.

Something more needs to change . . . a lot more.