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Monday, June 12, 2017

Outrage over Julius Caesar assassination of Obama

In swift retribution of a play put on by the left of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," staged in New York's Central Park,  the William F. Buckley Theater Group put on a similar production using Scott Lawrence in the role of Barack Hussein Obama and Viola Davis as Michelle Obama.

The senators in the show were played by actual senators.

The left's play used a character who looked remarkably like President Trump and a woman who looked like Melania. In the play, Trump is brutally assassinated by senators.

In the conservative version of the same play, Lawrence gives a brilliant performance of how former President Obama ran the nation into a ditch economically, while causing enormous divisiveness among various identity groups against people on the right side of the aisle.

Sean Hannity from Fox News' "Hannity" attended the play and told his viewers "It was magnificent. If you plan to come to New York, you have to see it. 

"It was a perfect depiction of Obama's failed presidency and massive corruption. I particularly enjoyed how he whispered to Secretary of State Lurch Kerry to take any deal that Iran is willing to accept.

"But my favorite part of the entire show was when Michelle and Barack finally came out of the closet and they sing The Wind Beneath My Pants

"It was so hilarious it made my nose run . . . until the stabbing part when he got to the Senate. That made me feel sad, and also as if a giant weight was lifted from the country and you, the American people.

On the other hand, Fareed Zakaria of the Communist News Network (CNN) hated the play. He said, "It's an insult to the greatest president I ever had the opportunity to sit next to and share our thoughts." 

Zakarea added, "It is unpatriotic and quite vulgar to put on a production in which the president of the United States is killed. Just poor taste . . ."

He went on, but the room was beginning to emit a very horrible odor.

Black Live Matter protested vehemently outside the theater in the park. They held signs and dropped 'F-bombs' in order to appeal to the attention spans of millennials. 

Some BLM-ers threw bottles and a few threw punches, hitting one person in the face who, it was discovered, didn't come to see the play, but merely wanted to feed the pigeons. 

She is expected to make a full recovery, her grandchildren said.

Students from nearby community colleges came to protest and began punching and kicking trees and attacking a few random squirrels. Their ire was palpable. 

"Hey hey, ho ho," they shouted, but nobody had been told the rest of the words to the Hey Hey Ho Ho Chant.