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Friday, June 2, 2017

Kerry--still stupid, after all these years

Former Communist-sympathizer and Secretary of State John Kerry ripped President Trump's intelligent decision to undo the Obama executive order and got us out of the Paris climate debacle. 

As we've been laughing at with the leftists going berserk over the move, Kerry is saying that "kids will have worse asthma" because Trump opted us out.

Yes--it's the children who will suffer. Suffer the poor children. What kind of animal would do that to kids?

"He is not helping the forgotten American . . . their kids will have worse asthma in the summer," the lantern-jaw hiker-biker-wind-sailor told MSNBC.

Meanwhile, it's Kerry and Obama whose weekly carbon footprints are larger than those of Montana in a year.

Kerry said Trump lied to us and put America "last," not first, and made the country an "environmental pariah" to the world. Then he flew home in his private jet, got on his gas-guzzling boat, and laughed like the lunatic he is.

Like Trump or hate him, his speech about the move was right on the money. We never voted on the accord because Obama knew it would never pass muster in the House and Senate, in spite of his party owning both branches of the legislature.

The agreement is non-binding. It was cobbled together like a bunch of dudes pledging to lose weight with each dude coming up with his own number of pounds to drop in the time the dude said he would. But if he didn't lose weight, it didn't matter because it was a non-binding pledge. That was what the Paris climate deal was--a BS agreement that counted on us to do the heavy lifting while we became smaller on the global market and countries like China and India, huge polluters, would grow exponentially.

We would cut carbon emissions 26 percent by 2025 and contribute billions to developing nations to help them grow and then do the same. China was under no obligation to do any cutting--all they'd do is grow and outperform us as we became a footnote in the world.

This was the dumbest, worst deal we've ever done, except for the Iran deal.

Obama is an idiot and Kerry is his prophet.