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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Journalist to pay the Netanyahus for libel

Jerusalem, Israel -- The Israeli court on Sunday ordered a "journalist" to pay over $25,000 in damages to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara for libeling them.

The court ruled that Igal Sarna libeled the Netanyahus with a Facebook post that claimed Sara kicked Bibi out of their car during a fight.

Sarna writes for Yediot (pronounced 'ye idiot') Ahronot, a major Israeli newspaper often highly critical of Netanyahu.

Bibi and Sara appeared in court in March to testify against the low-life "journalist." He claimed to have sources to back up his claims but the court ruled the publication was aimed specifically at harming the Netanyahus and damaging their reputations.

Bibi and Sara said of the verdict that justice has been done and they will keep their marital squabbles indoors.