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Sunday, June 11, 2017

IS disputes Iran sent their mastermind of twin attacks to hell

Tehran, Iran -- Iran claims they killed the alleged mastermind of twin attacks last week, attacks for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

IRNA news agency, the official propaganda agency of Iran, quoted Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi on Sunday saying the suspect left Iran for a neighboring country after the attacks but "was sent to hell" by Iranian intelligence agents and "fellow intelligence services." 

Alavi provided no evidence for the claim, but the real story isn't about the killing of the terrorist, but of Iran's claim they sent him to hell. IS strongly disputes that and say that "this martyr for Allah has surely been invited into Paradise and will get his full compliment of 72 virgins."

The Islamic State, like Alavi, have provided no evidence for that claim, but they stand behind the statement. Like James Comey, they feel that it's true.

Five attackers for Allah stormed Iran's parliament and a shrine of Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday. This set of clashes with security forces and at least 17 people died defending their version of Allah against the attackers' version.

Iran stated the attackers were all killed and had fought for the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. It says dozens more have been detained in connection with this religious attack by Sunni Muslims against Shi'ite Muslims.

So much for the religion of peace.