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Sunday, June 18, 2017

IS claims fatal stabbing of Israeli Policewoman

(Photo by: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Jerusalem, Israel -- The Islamic State claimed responsibility for a coordinated shooting and stabbing attack in Israel's capital city that killed an Israeli Border police officer, Hadas Malka, 23, in what the they claimed to be the first of many attacks.

The stabbing occurred on June 16, 2017.

The jihadists made an online statement saying three IS fighters targeted "a gathering of Jews" in an operation Friday. It is common knowledge that the religion of Islam is ardently anti-Semitic which is the impetus for their declaration of the destruction of Israel, the Jewish State.

"With Allah's help, we succeeded in carrying out an attack in the heart of Jerusalem, near the Temple Mount," the group proudly stated.

This was the first time IS claimed responsibility for an Israel terror attack, which is surprising since they like to claim responsibility for anything from boating accidents to wood splinters.

Islamic State butt-buddies have claimed rocket fire into Israel, as well as previous terrorist attacks that have been IS inspired, but this time IS claimed full responsibility.

In its statement , IS claimed the attack was "revenge for the religion of Allah and the sanctities of the violated Muslims."

Well, there they go again claiming victim status as they murder women and children.

"Let the Jews watch for the demise of their state at the hands of the soldiers of the Caliphate," the statement added.

Is there any doubt as to the validity of the sickening level of anti-Semitism the so-called religion of peace espouses?

Three West Bank Palestinians carried out simultaneous attacks with automatic weapons at two adjacent locales. Two attacked a group of police officers at Zedekiah's Cave and the third stabbed the woman officer who died of her wounds at Hadassah Hospital in Mount Scopus.

Israel's internal security agency, Shin Bet, identified the scumcrumpets as Bra'a Salah and Asama Atta, both born in 1998. The other was Adel Ankush, born 1999. All three were shot dead as they carried out their attacks.

All three attackers were from the village of Deir Abu-Mash'al, near Ramallah. They had been previously arrested for, or involvement in "terrorist activity," a Shin Bet statement read.

Israeli security forces surrounded the village preparing to raid the assailant's homes to question their family members about the attack.

In the wake of  the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revoked the entry permits given to Palestinians during the Ramadan Boomathon holy cow month, where some Palestinians enter Israel to visit family and some plan attacks.

Israel had eased restrictions on allowing Palestinians entry into the country from the West Bank for Ramadan, including permitting daily family visits during Sundays through Thursdays.

But based on the resulting attacks, Netanyahu canceled the visits at the recommendation of Police Chief Roni Alsheich and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan. The PM did not, however, revoke permission given to Palestinian men over 40-years of age because they don't tend to kill Israelis.

Israel has historically relaxed restrictions on the movement of Palestinians during Ramadan, including easier access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, where Muslims come to pray and long for the death of the Jews.

How horribly sad.