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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Frick defends Frack

"Aay, no sweat, Katty. I got yer back," Alec Baldwin said.

The actor, 59, whose age and IQ are a mere 6 points apart (guess which one is lower) obviously hates President Trump and would like very much to see Robert De Niro punch Trump "right in the nose."

Baldwin played President Trump last season on "Saturday Night Live," and in true Trump fashion, took to Twitter Friday to tweet sweet words of support to Kathy Griffin.

Griffin, you may recall, had a somewhat controversial photo shoot in which she stoically held a likeness of President Trump's severed, bloody head, ISIS-style.

"Kathy . . . baby . . . I've been there," he wrote, referencing how in 1998 he joked about then-Representative Henry Hyde on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

"The whole Henry Hyde thing w Conan, where we bring out an oxygen mask at the end? A joke," he wrote. "That's what I thought. That's what we intended. No one walked out of the studio and said, 'No, we're serious!' No one. But all your gutless, weasels in the GOP insisted I actually threatened Hyde. They played the victim beautifully."

"Kathy . . . f**k them. F**k  them all. No 1 believes u meant 2 threaten Trump. Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights," he said, possibly referring to the idea that he isn't afraid to fight women on the streets of New York as his history shows. "Ignore him. Like all the leaders of the other countries in the world. Ignore him."

Jim Carrey said on ET Wednesday that comedians are the "last line of defense" against Trump.